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>> has anyone ever heard of the new Tamiya sprays? They are Synthetic
>> does that mean the are Laquer? because I don't wanna buy something that
>> plastic..... so umm.... can someone help me out there?
>I used some recently (yesterday in fact) - the instructions are in English,
>German and French - so I think they're a European release...
>I dunno if this is the synthetic lacquer you're talking about - the series
>is the TS series - but they work just fine on the plastic surfaces I paint
>them on.
>I've done it directly to the plastic and on top of a primer - and the
>results are good either way.
>Just make sure the sprays aren't for polycarbonate materials (PS series) -
>which will leave awful looking globs on top of your plastic. Go for their TS
>or AS (Aircraft sprays) which are designed for plastic.
>Anyway, you can always experiment first on your modeling tree anyway, so I
>suggest you try it out there first before using 'em on your mecha...

Cool thanks a lot Fed. Thats exactly what I wanted to know!

- Roger

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