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The Londo Bell was a fleet of the Feds whose main mission was pretty much
like the Titan's in Zeta, which is to wipe out the rouge Zeons in space,
except that they carried out their mission in a more humane manner.

Bright Noah is the head of the Londo Bell Fleet and the only reason why it
is used in SRW is because it is quite convenient to use it, and it fits into
the storyline of SRW well without much making up to do.

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> >ok . . .
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> >wow, kinda hard to believe a military organisation would
> >adopt such a silly insignia. .
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> >anyway, thnaks =)
> What does "Londo Bell" mean anyway? I've seen it transliterated as
"London Bell" somewhere. And what exactly is the Londo Bell? What is it's
role? What is it's purpose? In SRW, the player group is generally referred
to as "Londo Bell", as opposed to enemy organizations such as DC (Divine
Crusaders), so whoever leads Londo Bell must lead the player's army? Who's
the head of Londo Bell then?
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