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>> Remember the scene in the OVA when Kampfer pumped a
>> couple of shotgun rounds to NT-1's additional armor
>> and nothing happened? Misha would conlude that the
>> head vulcan will be useless, too...
> Heh. I just finished rewatching the 4th episode of
> 0080. Your right. Then again, most head vulcans (at
> least early ones) in Gundam seem useless except for
> attacking soft targets like infantry and
> non-hardened buildings or as a distraction to MS
> pilots.

... and Zeon's Dopp jet fighters, too. In "0079" TV as
well as movie, Amuro used Gundam's head vulcans to
shoot down a significant numbers of Dopps.

> BTW, was it just me or did Misha seem to be carrying
> 2 bazookas and 1 shotgun at one point, but then use
> a shotgun later on the Alex after dropping his first
> one? I could swear he dropped the shotgun after
> shooting up some of the colony defense forces.

Notice Kampfer has 2 shotguns, the one it holds has a
metal stock while the spare one has no stock and is
stored directly under the back thrusters.

Have a look at NA's Kampfer page:

and get to know your Kampfer :)

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