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> Actually, here your arguments sort of goes against you. The fact
> that we see only 1 Kampfer armed with disposable weapons doesn't mean all
> Kampfers are armed with disposable weapons; and given the fact that no
> Gundam series AFAIK to date has ever made a reference to Zeon MSes in 0080
> doesn't help the matter.
> Also, you are arguing that the Kampfer is a disposable MS, but it
> may be more because of the mission than the MS. It would have been
> for the Cyclops team to have gotten out of Side 6 with *any* MS, so that's
> not a good indicator of the purpose of the MS.

Not really. I stated that the Kampfer was overpowered, under armored, and
armed for its mission. Which is all true. It's disposable because all MS's in
the OYW, except the Gundam, is disposable.

> A thought: Maybe the Kampfer turned out the way it did precisely
> because of the mission. Think about it. The prototype was under
> during the time period, but due to the urgency of the mission, and the lack
> of a suitable MS to smuggle into Side 6, Zeon engineers might have stripped
> the Kampfer of armour, gave it weaponry that can easily be smuggled in (and
> which is conveniently on hand), and wrote that particular prototype off.
> A further thought: If the above scenario was true, how would the
> actual Kampfer had turned out? =) I think a ranged beam weapon would almost
> be a certainty, given the period it was being developed in. Either way
> though, a mass production Kampfer would never have made it to the
> frontlines, because the OYW ended.

Which only goes to support my position.


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