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Disposable Terror Weapon is a valid battlefield role. The Kampfer looks
acts like, and is used like a special forces/covert operations infiltrated
assault system. If it had heavier armor and reusable weaponry, then most
definitely it would be a tactical assault vehicle, much like the Ifrite.
it doesn't. It was smuggled in, assembled with little assistance, and in
up and running according to a very tight schedule. The fact that it was
was throw away weapons, and was intended to be left behind, point to the
that the Kampfer was not seen is a reusable resource by the Zeon high
command. Or did you think that the Cyclops team requisitioned an
experimental, one of kind MS just to leave it behind for the enemy after it
was used? I don't think so. It looks to me that the Kampfer is over powered
because its under armored. Its armament is intended for the job it's used
which is quick assault and terror inside a colony.

Maybe part of this is correct, because there is an "F" version of the
Kampfer. The "F" version however does not carry throw away weapons but is
armed with beam weapons. This version might be the space version of the
Kampfer and intended to be reused after each combat run. While the version
in the anime carries disposable weapons and has a smaller generator making
it easier to produce and more likely to be discarded in combat.

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