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>Disposable Terror Weapon is a valid battlefield role. The Kampfer looks like,
>acts like, and is used like a special forces/covert operations infiltrated
>assault system.

        No arguments there. See my short Wild Weseal theory..

>The fact that it was armed was throw away weapons, and was intended to be left
>behind, point to the fact that the Kampfer was not seen is a reusable resource
>by the Zeon high command.

        Actually, here your arguments sort of goes against you. The fact
that we see only 1 Kampfer armed with disposable weapons doesn't mean all
Kampfers are armed with disposable weapons; and given the fact that no
Gundam series AFAIK to date has ever made a reference to Zeon MSes in 0080
doesn't help the matter.

        Also, you are arguing that the Kampfer is a disposable MS, but it
may be more because of the mission than the MS. It would have been difficult
for the Cyclops team to have gotten out of Side 6 with *any* MS, so that's
not a good indicator of the purpose of the MS.

>Or did you think that the Cyclops team requisitioned an experimental, one of
>kind MS just to leave it behind for the enemy after it was used?

        Entirely possible, actually. Depends on how desperate the High
Command was to destroy the 4th Gundam.

>I don't think so. It looks to me that the Kampfer is over powered
>because its under armored. Its armament is intended for the job it's used in,
>which is quick assault and terror inside a colony.

        A thought: Maybe the Kampfer turned out the way it did precisely
because of the mission. Think about it. The prototype was under construction
during the time period, but due to the urgency of the mission, and the lack
of a suitable MS to smuggle into Side 6, Zeon engineers might have stripped
the Kampfer of armour, gave it weaponry that can easily be smuggled in (and
which is conveniently on hand), and wrote that particular prototype off.

        A further thought: If the above scenario was true, how would the
actual Kampfer had turned out? =) I think a ranged beam weapon would almost
be a certainty, given the period it was being developed in. Either way
though, a mass production Kampfer would never have made it to the
frontlines, because the OYW ended.

>At least, that's the way I see it.

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