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> What's the difference of the GM Sniper from the 0080 War in
> the Pocket to the one
> in the 08th MS Team?

Big difference. The GM Sniper in 0080 is a space borne version with a self
contain beam rifle unit. The GM Sniper in 08th MS Team's beam rifle is
tether to the support vehicle's energy pack. It won't work without the
support vehicle.

> But comparing the two, I'd prefer the one from 0080... it
> looks very refined and
> it has that nice snap down visor when it shoots...

The 08th MS Team version seemed to be a quick and dirty way of getting a GM
to fire a large beam rifle quickly. The 08th MS Team took place about a
month prior to 0080, and for the most part, they were using pre-production
and proto-type version of GMs and Gundam.

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