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Interesting to see some unusual design in ZZ Gundam. In the Episode
where Neo Ahgama, some Zeon remenant who have joined up with Neo Zeon
were piloting Sturm Dias, which if I'm not mistaken is an improved
version of Rick Dias. So, Anaheim Electronics are continuing the
proud tradition of building mobile suits for both sides of the
conflict, even though they are partially on one side of the conflict.

In the episode where Neo Ahgama entered Tiger Baum colony, we
actually saw an Agguguy (with retrofitted reactor and cockpit) in
action. This and the fact that all of the OYW vintage Zeon MS we saw
on Earth all have similiar upgrade seemed to inspired the Oldsmobile
Army of the later generation. Mark, you might want to change the OYW
classics gallary to indicate that Agguguy actually saw action,
albeit, 15 years after OYW.

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