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>oic oic... dati pa ba silang may gundam kits? ngayon ko lang nakitang
>nagkaroon yung sa gamol e...
>hmn... old kits... like the 1/100 shiki perhaps? ^_~
>gotta go to glorietta one of these days... maybe i'll try out the mrt too

Hmmmm...they restocked then...but the 1/100 shiki? nah.....

>> oh yes, welcome KC! inuman tayo! ano guys, inuman?
>hmn... i don't drink much...
>anyway, i just remembered that the first mesg sent by one of us (which is you,

>richie) is for a meet up... and no one's answered... ^^;;;
>i'm all for it! hindi natuloy ang dati nating balak, diba?

OO nga eh. <sniff> LOL!

>> on othern news...I heard that the MG ZZ is what everybody's holding out
>yup yup! my friends have already pooled and given their money to me so i can

>buy it once it comes out. (bitin ang pera kaya idadagdag ko pa ng kaunti,
>it's ok ^_^ )

I wish my friends would do that, hahaha! anyway, am assembling the old ZZ
kit just to keep my appetite whetted.

> am waiting patiently for Best Toys to get their stock of it.
>best? ikaw yung nagreklamo sa best dati, diba?
>anyways, just went to best a coupla minutes ago and wala pa raw ang mg zz.

>tom. raw (but then, billie's been telling me "tomorrow" since last week!)
>i'm still thinking that maybe i should wait for it in li'l instead. i mean,

>it's a 700 peso savings! i can wait since i've got so many kits that i
>haven't started on yet...
>joshua offered the mg super to me for 2200, i think and he says that the mg
>will arrive on january. tama ba, joshua?
>-Maoie Estrella

talaga? Joshua! pwede ren mag-order ako sa iyo???
"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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