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> Another possibility is that it's designed by the
> Zeon military's own engineers, which is ostensibly
> the case with the Ifrit. In fact, it bears quite a >
resemblance to the Ifrit - blue colors, cowled head,
> high thruster output, hardpoints for extra

Don't forget what kind of firearms Ifrit used:
shotgun. This is possibily the only retocon for
Kampfer's origin.

> One could almost spin some sort of airy theory
> about the Kaempfer being created at the California
> Base by the same engineers who made the Ifrit,
> lugged into space by the base's fleeing staff, and
> fobbed off on the Cyclops Team after it was ditched
> at Granada. Judging from its performance inside
> the colony, it seems like it was designed for ground
> combat anyway...

But Ifrit was a heavy mobile suit in between Gouf and
Dom. It may require the engineers certain amount of
time to refine it into Kampfer. Still, this make sense
since the Kampfer we saw in OVA is a bare bone model
w/o additional armors (seen on later SD model kits).
So these engineers must have achieved a lot in a very
short time.

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