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SJ writes,

> The Kampfer wasn't intended to go home at all. It was a terror weapon design
> to be smuggled in, built quickly, used once, then discarded in a massive
> explosion that would allow a quick and unnoticed escape by the team using it.
> And that's almost what happen. It was definitely the plan, IIRC.

  The Kaempfer wasn't designed as a disposable mobile suit (even though the
Cyclops team may have been planning to ditch it in order to save their own
skins). It's a hit-and-run design, not a hit-and-self-destruct one.

  In this respect, it makes sense for the Kaempfer to caryy a lot of
discardable weapons; it can exhaust the ammo of all its sturm fausts,
bazookas, and shotguns, then rocket off home without all that heavy

CT Chin wonders,

> New question: in the UC world, did the Kampfer has any descendents? Did
> it make any cameo in any other OYW events (I guess manga is the only arena
> for more Kampfer stories)? If we have all kinds of Gundam, Zaku, Dom and
> Gelgoog variants and descendants, how come a hero MS got it's linage cut
> off?

  Good question. This also raises the question of who made it. Its bulk
makes it seem somewhat Dom-like, as does its use of Rick Dom II bazookas.
But since it seems to be developed at Granada, it's more likely a Zeonic
design, which would make it a Gelgoog descendant.

  Another possibility is that it's designed by the Zeon military's own
engineers, which is ostensibly the case with the Ifrit. In fact, it bears
quite a resemblance to the Ifrit - blue colors, cowled head, high thruster
output, hardpoints for extra weapons...

  One could almost spin some sort of airy theory about the Kaempfer being
created at the California Base by the same engineers who made the Ifrit,
lugged into space by the base's fleeing staff, and fobbed off on the Cyclops
Team after it was ditched at Granada. Judging from its performance inside
the colony, it seems like it was designed for ground combat anyway...

-- Mark

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