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> >Of all of the Gundam sidekick character, the ones that most
> infurates has to
> >be Beecha and Mondo of ZZ Gundam. In the original Gundam
> Kai Shiden, who
> >makes all the snide comments on Amuro. In Zeta Gundam, the inferior
> >sidekick role falls on Katsu Kobayashi, who cannot see his
> own limitation,
> >and falls in love with an enemy. But ZZ's Beecha and Mondo
> tried to sell
> >out Agama to Endora, defects to Neo Zeon, actively tries to
> kill fellow
> >crewmates (or aleast Beecha tried), concoct crazy and stupid
> scheme (the
> >mined ZZ Gundam scheme). In no other Gundam series has
> there been such
> >disagreeable sidekicks.
> Don't forget Quess Paraya from CCA, who commits patricide on
> top of defecting to the enemy.
> There is also another female character from V Gundam who
> defects and harbors extreme hatred to her former comrades.

Well, both Quess Paraya of CCA and Katejina Loos of V Gundam are not in the
rank of the sidekick. The turn to the other side, and stay there. CCA's
sidekick character would be Hathaway Noah, and V has various sidekicks who
are not nearly as annoying as Beecha and Mondo.

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