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>> Yes but later devopment of the the Panzerfaust (the
>> Panzerfaust 150) WAS reloadable to up to 10 shots,
>> Unlike the scaled up panzerfaust 60 which was
>> just a one hit wonder.
> Actually, to the best of my knowledge, all
> the Panzerfausts are reloadable.. it is just that it

> wasn't really worth the trouble to reload the
> Panzerfaust after you shot off the warhead. The
> idea behind it was a hard-hitting, cheap anti-tank
> weapon for the common infantry, and it works. I
> the same principle applies to the MS' Sturmfausts
> too.

I think so, too. For Zakus and Doms for example, I
couldn't imagine the pilots bothered to keep the
launching tubes when they headed home. The idea of MS
panzer faust is to provide a desposable weapon once it
was used up to reduce MS's load for return/escape,
etc. Kampfer serves as the best example, as all of its
weapons (shot guns, bazookas, panzer fausts) were
meant to be thrown away for hit and run tactics.

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