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Mon, 20 Dec 1999 16:52:51 -0800

>>While checking out sanding papers, I came across one
>>item that I'd never seen or heard of before
>> "Sprue Cutters"
>>They work far better than the toenail clippers I had been
>>using, and get way closer to the parts than they or scissors
>>ever did. I've seen sprue questions come up in the GML
>>before, but no one ever mentioned these things... am I the
>>only one who thinks they are great?
>I've always used Tamiya's sprue cutter and never used toenail
>clipper for cutting parts off the sprue tree before, so I
>have no basis for comparison. But the sprue cutter can still
>be too big sometimes when the sprue tree doesn't leave enough
>space for the cutter, so one would need to clip the part off
>the tree with some of the sprue connector and then clip or cut
>the excess connector off.

I hate to admit it, but I still just use my X-acto knife to chop 'em off the
old fashioned way. As long as you cut far away from the part and let the
blade do the work for you (don't try to cut it loose in one slice), it
should work fine (in other words, I'm too cheap to buy specialized tools
unless absolutely necessary!).

Peter Savin

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