Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 17:42:55 +0800

> Mauz wrote:

> > did this have something to do with lacquer being over acrylic?

Gunze's topcoat isn't lacquer.

>or gunze
> > and tamiya being incompatible with each other?

It does have more to do with this. I've looked around the net and talked to
a few people about it. There are some incompatibilities. But I think the guy
who said that humidity is a factor was right.

> >he also
> > said that it should be fixed by spraying the clear coating again on a
> > non-humid day.

Try what he says. But I suggest that you paint the Gunmetal to patch over
the paint job BEFORE you topcoat it.



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