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Mark wrote,

> Actually, it was still tethered during the second
> foray - those of you who own the model kit can see
> photos of a GM Sniper firing from within a forest,
> with thinner but still clearly visible cables
> trailing out of its body. This second attack, like
> the first, involved sustained fire in order to carve
> up a large object.

Thanks for your reminder. I rewatched the episode and
you are right - the GM Sniper ventured out of the Big
Tray and sniped a target from behind, in the woods -
with the cooling and refueling hosts and cables

> The third appearance of the GM Sniper is when it
runs > up to a fallen, ahem, large object and ends up
> short blasts at a regular-sized mobile suit. Here,
> no longer appears to be tethered by cables, but it's
> hard to tell from the pictures in the film comics.

I've watched it run up the hills (that side shots),
and get ready inside a pit. During that period it has
no cables or hosts attached, because they are not long
enough to reach that far.

I've updated NA's GM Sniper page, added 3 extra photos
on this issue. Check it out:

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