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Mauz wrote:
> hi guys!
> i didn't quite understand that thread re. gunze clear coating and
> laquers... so forgive me for posting this question again...
> anyway, what i did was paint all my guns with tamiya acrylic gunmetal then
> sprayed gunze semi-gloss clear coating on them. what happened was spots of
> white appeared. was this what happened to you... uhhh... i forgot who
> posted the original thread... sorry...
> did this have something to do with lacquer being over acrylic? or gunze
> and tamiya being incompatible with each other?
> this happened to me before and i sent a similar question to
> rec.arts.anime.models before. one of them replied that it had something to
> do with the humidity and that it was affecting the clear coating. he also
> said that it should be fixed by spraying the clear coating again on a
> non-humid day.
> any comments? suggestions? please... before i redo the paint job on my
> guns...
> thanks!
> -Maoie Estrella

In my experience it's more of a brand incompatibility. I'm presuming
that the Gunze is acrylic like Tamiya, so theoretically there shouldn't
be any problems.

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