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>Neil Baumgardner asks,
>>Here's another question: How often does the Jupiteris or Jupiter Energy
>>Fleet (there's more than the Jupiteris?) come back to the Earthsphere?
>>Is it once a year or something?
> Nope, it's about a two-year trip each way (versus eighteen months to
>the asteroid belt). Rapport's Gundam Encyclopedia says that the Zeon
>energy fleet was launched in UC 0070, reached Jupiter in 0072 (setting up
>Axis en route), and returned home in 0074. By the same token, Scirocco
>returns to Earth in 0087 - so he would have made his last visit in 0083.
>And Judo won't return until UC 0093.

That's pretty close to the figures I came up with independently using the
ephemeris and some basic ballistics, minus the synodic period considerations.

Transit time to or from 1Ceres would be 1.84 years or about 22
months. Axis may have been on the inner fringe of the Belt, with a
slightly faster transit.

Transit time to or from Jupiter would be 2.7 years or about 32.4 months. I
don't see any way to shorten the transit time to two years even, although
it could appear so if the trip began in the first quarter of one year and
ended in the last quarter of the next.


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