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> Nope, it's actually the flag of Side 6. The photo is of the completion
>of the treaty negotiations between the Federation and Side 6, which was
>formerly neutral (and in reality a Zeon ally up until the end of the
>war). This was the treaty that Colonel Killing's actions were intended to
>prevent. However, I don't think the photo was actually explained until
>the recently-published Gundam 0080 The Movies film comic.

Ah, that would explain the open-type colony on the flag, then. But why
only three stars instead of six?

> Still, there's no excuse for thinking that the war ended on January 13.
>It's been universally agreed for over a decade that it ended on January 1
>- Tomino even said so in an Animec interview. The only other date
>proposed was January 24, the day the last episode aired on Japanese
>television, which was claimed by some MSV books published 15 years ago.

I was also mistaken about 14 January being a Monday in 1990. It was 1
January that was a Monday in 1990, so 14 January was a Sunday that year.

Looking through my perpetual calendar, I find that 14 January was a Monday
in November 1988 and August 1989, so the original newspaper that was
cribbed for the 14 January 0080 version probably dates from one or the other.

"Monday, 14 January 0080" is the only solid and complete date we've ever
gotten and, if we could rely on it, might answer the question of when the
Universal Century began. If we take the "2045 AD ~ UC 0001" entry in the
old timelines to mean "between 2045 AD and UC 0001" then UC 0001 must be
some date after 2045 AD, but which date? Add 80 years to 2045 AD and we
get 2125 AD as the earliest possible date to correspond to UC 0080. So in
what years subsequent to 2125 AD does 14 January fall on a Monday?

2126, to begin with. Then 2121, 2137, 2143, 2154 and 2160. That gives us
a span of from one (2126) to 34 (2160) years. If, like Mark, you feel that
it should've taken at least a decade to build the first space colony, then
UC 0001 is 2154 AD....


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