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Roger asks,

>Recently I sat down to watch the last two episodes of 08th MS Team over
and I
>thought of one thing... What is the actual purpose of the GM sniper? Its
>hard to take care of with energy and coolant cables that restrict
movement and
>all. I think this GM is real cool but it seems kinda redundant to have a
>Mobile suit thats not Mobile. Wouldn't It just be cheaper to develop/use a
>Beam turret?

  The GM Sniper is somewhat mobile - it can venture out some distance
from its base with trailing cables. Thus, it can get into position for
sniper shots, while still remaining connected to its energy & cooling systems.

CT Chin writes,

>Yes. The GM Sniper (note singular, all we have seen is the one and only),
>after shooting at a ship (don't want to spoil it for u :) with all the
>hoses and tanks etc, it ran in the forest for over 6 minutes (according
>to the conversation), clearly unattached and unhosed. It then shoot at
>the Asparas 3, still unhosed.

  Actually, it was still tethered during the second foray - those of you
who own the model kit can see photos of a GM Sniper firing from within a
forest, with thinner but still clearly visible cables trailing out of its
body. This second attack, like the first, involved sustained fire in
order to carve up a large object.

  The third appearance of the GM Sniper is when it runs up to a fallen,
ahem, large object and ends up firing short blasts at a regular-sized
mobile suit. Here, it no longer appears to be tethered by cables, but
it's hard to tell from the pictures in the film comics.

-- Mark

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