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Paul Fields writes,

>I just finished watching the complete 0080 Dubbed tape
>and Al's father's newspaper is dated January 14th 0080.
>This is the paper he is reading as Al gets ready to go to
>school. The paper's front page is covered with both the
>government figures from the Federation, and Zeon, and
>says SUCESS agreement has been reached. The FLAG
>behnd the Fed guy says UNT SPACY, with the old Fed
>symbol. The other guy has a split flag with a Triangle on
>the Left, pointing towards the right, it has two stripes on
>in, and there are three stars on the far right of the stripe
>on top. I'm ASSUMING this is the new flag for the Zeon
>republic after the Zabis are gone.

  Nope, it's actually the flag of Side 6. The photo is of the completion
of the treaty negotiations between the Federation and Side 6, which was
formerly neutral (and in reality a Zeon ally up until the end of the
war). This was the treaty that Colonel Killing's actions were intended to
prevent. However, I don't think the photo was actually explained until
the recently-published Gundam 0080 The Movies film comic.

  Still, there's no excuse for thinking that the war ended on January 13.
It's been universally agreed for over a decade that it ended on January 1
- Tomino even said so in an Animec interview. The only other date
proposed was January 24, the day the last episode aired on Japanese
television, which was claimed by some MSV books published 15 years ago.

-- Mark

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