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>I just finished watching the complete 0080 Dubbed tape
>and Al's father's newspaper is dated January 14th 0080.
>This is the paper he is reading as Al gets ready to go to
>school. The paper's front page is covered with both the
>government figures from the Federation, and Zeon, and
>says SUCESS agreement has been reached. The FLAG
>behnd the Fed guy says UNT SPACY, with the old Fed
>symbol. The other guy has a split flag with a Triangle on
>the Left, pointing towards the right, it has two stripes on
>in, and there are three stars on the far right of the stripe
>on top. I'm ASSUMING this is the new flag for the Zeon
>republic after the Zabis are gone.
>Any comments, anybody think I'm reaching here, or have
>evidence to the contrary.

You'll find a really clear shot of this cel on page 198 of Gundam the OVA
Movies VIII: War In The Pocket Part 2 (1998.7.25, Asahiya Shuppan,

The paper is the BOUNTY MORNING TIMES, Libot Late Edition for Monday, 14
January 0080. It cost 20 cools, consumption tax included. It's actually
the front page of a 1989 issue of Tokyo Times reworked with a new "photo"
-- the lead story refers to the success of vote in the Tokyo Metropolitan
Assembly of a law prohibiting media publicity of a candidate's election
campaign. A side story on the left is about Lech Walesa's Solidarity
Party. January 14th was a Monday in 1990, which would correspond to 0080
if 1989 (the year Gundam 0080 was produced) was taken as corresponding to 0079.

The flag is for Side 3, as denoted by the three stars on the upper
stripe. If you look closely at the triangle, you'll see that it has a
stylized profile view of an "open type" space colony on it. This is a goof
on the part of the staff, as Side 3 used the Monovsky-designed "closed
type" space colony. I'm not sure, but I think the bespectacled man shown
is the background on the left is supposed to be Cameron Bloom.


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