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> And another thing, whats with all these Sturmfausts? speaking in terms of
> history, Wasn't the Panzerfaust a Nazi weapon used before they had
> So wouldn't it just be logical to say that since the Bazookas make the
> Sturfausts useless? If so why do MG Zaku and Dom stll have them?
> - Roger

Well considering that the Sturmfaust only weighs a little more than
the weight of a bazooka rocket, if you only anticipate getting off one
or two shots on an unsuspecting enemy carry the Sturmfausts. If you
think you can stay in bazooka range for four or five shots, carry the
bazooka. When all of that is gone, go over to your machinegun throw
a few grenades, and get out of there when you are down to your last
clip of ammunition.

In the series the guys with bazookas just seemed to try and stay in
one place and empty their bazookas, in the real world that will get
you killed.


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