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Master Asia wrote:

> Recently I sat down to watch the last two episodes of 08th MS Team over and I
> thought of one thing... What is the actual purpose of the GM sniper? Its very
> hard to take care of with energy and coolant cables that restrict movement and
> all. I think this GM is real cool but it seems kinda redundant to have a
> Mobile suit thats not Mobile. Wouldn't It just be cheaper to develop/use a
> Beam turret?

I dunno. I've surmised that the GM Sniper can say fire one or two shots on its own
without overheating, but that the cables enable it do so without any such worries.
Otherwise, what would even be the purpose of a GM standing around with the rifle
but without such cables as we see in these two pictures (from the Newtype Assylum

(bottom left)

But admittedly both pictures are a little ambigous. You cant see if either GMs'
Sniper rifle has any cables connected to it. In the first picture it doesnt look
like it's near anything it would be connect to, while the second picture is more
ambigous (there could be something below the GM, out of sight).

At any rate, I havent seen this episode yet, so can anyone shed some light on
are GM Snipers seen just standing on their own?

Neil Baumgardner

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