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Sun, 19 Dec 1999 8:43:26 -0600

hi guys!

i didn't quite understand that thread re. gunze clear coating and
laquers... so forgive me for posting this question again...

anyway, what i did was paint all my guns with tamiya acrylic gunmetal then
sprayed gunze semi-gloss clear coating on them. what happened was spots of
white appeared. was this what happened to you... uhhh... i forgot who
posted the original thread... sorry...

did this have something to do with lacquer being over acrylic? or gunze
and tamiya being incompatible with each other?

this happened to me before and i sent a similar question to
rec.arts.anime.models before. one of them replied that it had something to
do with the humidity and that it was affecting the clear coating. he also
said that it should be fixed by spraying the clear coating again on a
non-humid day.

any comments? suggestions? please... before i redo the paint job on my


-Maoie Estrella

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