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>And another thing, whats with all these Sturmfausts? speaking in terms of
>history, Wasn't the Panzerfaust a Nazi weapon used before they had bazookas?

        Not exactly. IIRC, the Germans captured a US bazooka, and
reverse-engineered their own bazooka called a Panzershreck (Tank Terror).
The Panzerfaust (Tank Fist) was a latter development, a recoiless rifle with
a very big shaped charged warhead.

>So wouldn't it just be logical to say that since the Bazookas make the
>Sturfausts useless? If so why do MG Zaku and Dom stll have them?

        A one shot, very powerful weapon. The Strumfaust probably pack much
more explosive firepower (and it's probably a shaped charge as well) that
would have been very difficult to build into a reloadable weapon.

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