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>>Recently I sat down to watch the last two episodes of 08th MS Team over and
>>thought of one thing... What is the actual purpose of the GM sniper? Its
>>hard to take care of with energy and coolant cables that restrict movement
>>all. I think this GM is real cool but it seems kinda redundant to have a
>>Mobile suit thats not Mobile. Wouldn't It just be cheaper to develop/use a
>>Beam turret?
>>- Roger
>I bet it just reflects the competition that was hot at the time - in this
>case, the Eva with its positron sniper rifle in that episode where they had
>to shut down the entire Japan to provide its power. Don't forget Zeta's
>transforming mechas were a tip of the hat to the Valkyries and all the
>"Robotech" shows that were hot at the time, and in V Gundam you got a Nadia-
>look-alike, then G Gundam was a homage to Street Fighter and Hong Kong
>Kung Fu movies...

Snipers were never really that hot... at the time. Snipers have always been
around in Gundam in a sense though, the GM Sniper II and Dom (which is sorta
like a sniper).

And another thing, whats with all these Sturmfausts? speaking in terms of
history, Wasn't the Panzerfaust a Nazi weapon used before they had bazookas?
So wouldn't it just be logical to say that since the Bazookas make the
Sturfausts useless? If so why do MG Zaku and Dom stll have them?

- Roger

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