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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Eddie replies,
> >>Come to think of it, the reason Char ended up using the Ziong was because
> >>someone else had taken his Gelgoog...but the red Gelgoog was never shown
> >>again...
> >
> >That's the first time I heard this explanation. What is the source that made
> >this claim? Didn't Char ditch his Gelgoog because it got its arm chopped off
> >and he needed a better mobile suit to take on the mag-coated Gundam?
> That's correct - Char's Gelgoog was wrecked en route to A Bao A Qu.
> When he got there, he tried to score a new one, but all the Gelgoogs had
> been taken into battle already by the proverbial green recruits (this may
> be what Tet was thinking of). Thus, he uses the 80% complete Zeong instead.

> If you look at the scene where Char is introduced to the Zeong, you'll
> see his red Gelgoog - or at least the feet thereof - standing behind it
> in the hangar. Maybe they were transferring pilot data or something...
> -- Mark

Char's words were...
"Shin gata no Gelgoog type wa su be te shutsu do shi te iru. Watashi ga tsukaeru
mono wa nokotte inai hazu da"
"All the new model Gelgoog types have been launched. There shouldn't be one left
that I can use."

AnimeVillage translation "Looks like they've sent out all the new Gelgoog suits we
have. None left for me, I suppose."

Since Char's Gelgoog only lost a shoulder+arm, and seeing the miracles the MS
mechanics perform in the series, I assumed/expected it to be repaired, and from
what was said assumed it was taken by someone else.

I think loss of a mobile suit's arm isn't that serious, but I have a book which
claims that the shoulder joint is Gelgoog's weak point and destroying this part
can take it out of commision. And as Mark pointed out the Gelgoog's legs are
evident in the Ziong scene so I guess it has been too badly damaged for combat...
but it still had a chance to survive the war in tact didn't it ? to appear in
ZZ?... : )

Also as Mark implied, what was Char's damaged Gelgoog doing next to the Ziong in
the first place? Since Char had never heard of/seen the Ziong until Kishiria told
him about it, I assume that hangar bay was inside A-Bao-A-Qu and not Kishiria's
Gwadan. Char and Kishiria used a shuttle to get to A-Bao-A-Qu presumeably because
the Gwadan did not dock there. Char went straight to the hangar to the Ziong and
voila the Gelgoog which should have been on the Gwadan is parked in the hangar.
Maybe it was somebody else's red Gelgoog... : ) Giren's personal one ?? : )
This is getting out of hand...

Another interesting point...

 In the TV series after Elmeth is destroyed, Char yells and hits the control
panel. You see just the glow of the thrusters heading away, and Char appears next
to Kishiria.

In the Movie, Char yells and hits the control panel. You see a shot of the
Gelgoog from the side, heading away and Char says to himself...

"Ima no watashi ni wa Gundam o taosen. Lala watashi o michibiite kure"
"The present self cannot defeat the Gundam. Lala guide me.

Anime Village translation "I can't beat the Gundam. Not like this. Not now. Lala
show me the way."
...and sheds some tears.

It's hard to deduce much from the series version as to why he retreated, was it
because of the Gelgoog?, his emotional state?- the death of Lala? or he came so
close to death himself?, his realization that Amuro was too strong? But it does
appear that originally, the death of Lala didn't mean as much to Char as it did to
Amuro, and his retreat seems to be his usual standard operating procedure for when
he loses an mobile suit's arm. : )

The Movie version is more open to interpretation because of the Anime Village
translation and it also makes the loss of Lala greater for Char. The Japanese
version implies that Char himself needs to grow/improve as a newtype to defeat
Gundam and requests/orders Lala's guidance. (In the TV series, the 'Lala guide me'
line was used prior to engaging Sayla and Amuro) Whereas the AV translation seems
to refer to the current state of the Gelgoog and/or his emotion. and makes a plea
to Lala for help.

I guess I have to accept that Char's Gelgoog was not repaired in time, and was not
combat worthy.


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