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>From: Tabby <tabby@psn.net>
>> According to McFarlane Toys personnel, it's poor quality control. A
>> specific problem is rapid production requirements not allowing for the
>> plastic cool slowly enough, thus things like wobbly swords and weak
>> One quote from a McFarlane employee running a concert booth: "You try
>> getting out three series a year with ankles smaller than your pinky and
>> how well they stand!"
>Interesting... So even his employees have the same idea of
>self-consternation... I have even more respect for them now.

It probably also has to do with the fact that the workers are, among
many things, Chinese political prisoners who are being held in labor camps.
Not much motivation to do a good job or keeping up the quality when you are
being forced to work in prison.

>If anything, I do know that Todd's business is still one of the best run in
>the industry (I base these mostly from comments made by Whilce Portacio
>about how he's set up) and I still like the products he comes out with...

He certainly give you more for your money - for size alone, compare the
Star Wars figures with Spawn ones. For a dollar more you get something
that's at least twice as big. I heard that Todd makes no profit from the
toys other than to cover his cost to pay for the sculptors and staff, he
makes his money mostly from the Spawn comics.

It's a real bummer that Warner got greedy and decided to do The Matrix
figures in-house instead of giving McFarlane the license. The figures
didn't come out all that well. Wonder what would happen if McFarlane got
the license to do Gundam figures, his Manga Spawn figures were very nice
looking (though the figures do feel cheap once you break them out of the


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