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>Tabby wrote:
>>This is even worse for the premium comic book figures, the sculpted "Spawn"
>>style toys such as McFarlane and Resaurus figures. Even the Xebec
>>Hokoto(sp) No Ken figures start to fall apart almost as soon as thier
>>removed from the package.
>Fist of the North Star Toys? Where? I'd love to have a Kenshiro at least for
>my collection...
>>The McFarlane figures are especially infamous for not being able to stand,
>primarily due to poor quality control.
>I know this fact... But I don't totally agree with the poor quality control.
>You'd have to have great quality control to maintain the surface detail of
>his toys. Either that or their technology for maintaining it is totally

According to McFarlane Toys personnel, it's poor quality control. A
specific problem is rapid production requirements not allowing for the
plastic cool slowly enough, thus things like wobbly swords and weak joints.
One quote from a McFarlane employee running a concert booth: "You try
getting out three series a year with ankles smaller than your pinky and see
how well they stand!"

>>The main audience for comic-book action figures are collectors who buy them
>to put them on display.
>Really? Then what about all of these Spidey and Bat figs? Or do you not
>consider them "comic-book" action figs anymore mainly because they have a TV
>arm now?

I sell them every day, to college students. A vast majority of our figure
stock comes from overstock sales from toy stores. Once christmas is over
and the particular cartoon is off the air, toy stores can't *give* them
away to little kids. Take for example the 10" Toy biz figs for Marvel
characters. We sell these for *less* than we sell the little carded
figures, because the 10" figs have a collectable/display value of nil, due
in large part to the fact that they are literally just larger versions of
the carded figures, with no better detail or weapons.


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