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>> "Removable thruster blocks"? What is this?
>It's basically the same as the MG Mk-II's construction - you have the
>basic frame structure and the leg armors are removable. Since the Alex
>has thrusters at its lower legs, when you remove the armor with it the
>entire piece was referred to as "removable thruster block" by Mark.

        Hmm. If I remember the diagram on the box correctly, the lower outer
of the leg armour is not removable, correct? The shin and knee areas can be
removed, but not the outside.

        I think the removable armour is a nuisance sometimes. It's a bit
time-consuming to put together, and I fear that the leg armour on my Mk. II
would pop off, but I must admit it looks good when you peel off the armour.
Especially if you made an effort to touch up the interior.

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