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Sat, 18 Dec 1999 20:54:49 +0800

Edward Ju wrote:

> Yeah, in fact I think the 1/100 toy was also primarily plastic, although
> it had a more glossy look and feels heavier too. Don't remember if it had
> diecast parts, though.

Yeah. But the ZZ Gundam is supposed to be around twice the size of the
original right? (Correct me if I'm wrong in saying this...)

That's why all this 1/144 stuff confuses me - since I'm familiar with the
relative sizes of OYW mecha and NOT the ZZ Gundam proportions...

Z wrote:

> That would be High Complete Model (HCM) #24. Mine's packed away just now,
> but as I recall it's one of the more troublesome HCM, very difficult to
> pose because it has so many fiddly bits and pivot points.

I seem to remember it as not being as posable as some of the other Gundams
then... But it had no problems standing still...

I'm not too sure if it was WAY out of detail either - just like the huge
plastic RX-178. Just to illustrate how unsure I am towards these things - I
once thought that the Matchbox release of the Veritech Hovertank from the
Robotech Masters was a dead-on translation from the series when I saw it.
Looking at it from the pics recently - I found it ridiculously out of

Anyway, it was HUGE for my time. I just need a pic to see, just to confirm



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