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>> Who was this mysterious fallen ace that shared colors with Char but wore
>> a regular helmet ala Ranba Ral? I will have to watch ZZ again to find
>> out if the pilots name was ever mentioned but I don't think it was.
> His name was Doug (or "Dag") if I recall correctly.

I just looked up the episode in the Animedia ZZ book (Volume 2) and his
name is given as Tag (ta-gu). For what it's worth, that's German for "day"....

And, according to a sidebar here, the desert oasis was supposedly near
Dakar, Senegal, site of the ill-fated Deliberative Assembly the AEUG
gate-crashed in a pivotal episode of Z-Gundam. "Not far" is a relative
term. Senegal is on the northwest coast of Africa, but the Sahara Desert
extends all the way to the sea in Mauritania, a couple of hundred miles to
the north, and covers half of Mali, to the east, so it's at least possible
that this is true.


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