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>I remember having a ZZ Gundam kit that was complete out of the box. It had a
>working core fighter and such.
>Don't have it now. My mom must have given it to my cousins.
>Anyway, I'm curious as to which Gundam kit this was - as I haven't seen it
>since... I remember it being big (relatively big for the time - late 80s to
>early 90s approx. - and I collected those matchbox transformers that were
>comparitively small) and that was about it. I didn't touch or play with it
>too much since I never had a soft spot for it... (I wasn't into the Gundam
>then and now... I always liked the Gundam multiverse opponents mechas)

That would be High Complete Model (HCM) #24. Mine's packed away just now,
but as I recall it's one of the more troublesome HCM, very difficult to
pose because it has so many fiddly bits and pivot points. HCM was a great
series and I wish that they would [a] reissue more of them and [b] extend
the series to include post-1988 (CCA) MS: 0080, F91, 0083, and V. Since
they've already done the MG RX-78 NT-1, they could make a fantastic HCM....


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