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>The first one appeared in a desert in an episodes of ZZ Gundam piloted
>by a local woman who had taken over the duty of her lover, a Zeon ace,
>after his death. This Gelgoog had custom colors very similar to Char's
>Gelgoog, if not the same. The desert is an unforgiving place and as
>expected there have been many MS customised especially for this region;
>a regular space Gelgoog wouldn't stand a chance.
>Who was this mysterious fallen ace that shared colors with Char but wore
>a regular helmet ala Ranba Ral? I will have to watch ZZ again to find
>out if the pilots name was ever mentioned but I don't think it was.

The woman was 20-year-old Masai Nagaba, in Epsiode #26: Masai's Spirit. As
I recall, this took place at an oasis in the desert and was instigated when
Elpeo Ple used up all the Gundam Team's water. The man was her husband,
not just her lover, and she ends up offering a prayer of apology for her
failure in battle, but I don't recall that he was ever named. I wouldn't
read too much into the color scheme, though -- red MS were commonplace for
Hamaan's Neo Zeon in ZZ.

>I guess only time will tell if the 'G' model becomes a widely accepted
>variant in the Gelgoog series. Has anyone seen this variant in a recent
>reputable publication ? The RFTA guide book -Z- posted should have the
>specs, I think.

The MS-14G Gelgoog only appears in Stage 09 -- the 11th and last MS to
show. No actual specs are given for it, just game specs: Vernier = 220
(20 higher than the RGM-7SP GM Sniper Custom, which is double the RGM-79
GM), Balancer = 9, Speed = 9 (both the same as the GM Sniper, which is 2 to
3 higher than the GM). The only obvious difference between the MS-14G and
the regular Gelgoog is that the G sports a cut-down shield.


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