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> Let's see. Gato's Gelgoog has generally been
> identified as a prototype model - the same YMS-14
> (also known as the MS-14S) used by Char. This would
> mean that he must have been a member of the Ace
> Corps test team; perhaps the MS Collection File will

> shed more light on this.

Sorry, Mark, the Collection File doesn't state
explicitly of Gato's involvement in the Ace Corps, but
as you've mentioned before, it stated that a total of
25 units of top model YMS-14 were made. Judging from
what we saw from 0083's opening, Gato pairing w/ one
of these is logical. (Char got another one, and is
being upgraded into commander model MS-14S)

The Collection File also mentioned these specially
chosen group of ace pilots (for defending A Bao A Qu)
were not necessary equipped with just one type of MS
(YMS-14). E.g., Johnny Ridden was equipped w/ MS-14B
High Mobility model, and Gerald Sakai was equipped
with MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon during Operation Carrion.


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