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>> First, anyone done the MG Alex yet? Review, review! =)
> I don't have time for a Probe-esque dissection, but here goes...

        I actually missed that buggar. =)

> Overall, it's very faithful to the original design. The main place you'll
>see Katoki-esque changes is in the armor, which is now pretty darned cool -
>I'd almost say the Alex looks cooler with the armor on.

        I thought of this as I was turning the kit over in the store. Is it
possible for the Alex to carry the shield if it is in full armour?

        IIRC, the shield sorts of hooks onto the elbow region of the
forearm. This should preclude it from holding the shield while in full armour.

>Lower leg structure is very detailed, removable thruster blocks.

        "Removable thruster blocks"? What is this?

>Poses fairly well.

        In your opinion, how would the joints hold up over time?

        I'm asking this because my Zaku II F/J has a lot of joint problems
-- the elbow joint, in particular, is very weak; I've already need to pin
both joints, as well as one hip. And I suspect my Mk. II's ankle joints are
a little too loose -- and I haven't been playing with the Mk. II!

> Pluses: Patlabor-esque rubber "cloth" on shoulders,

        Eek. I've never liked the Patlabour rubber interior -- makes posing
really irritating.

>Cool curled-finger hands ictured on box aren't actually included in kit,
>which uses typical open-palm hands.

        It's not? That's surprising..

> This was stated in the 0083 animation, where Karius is identified as the
>sole survivor of Gato's 302nd Company. The Bigro in the comic is piloted by
>a wounded Kelley Layzner, so this is reputedly how he lost his arm.

        Ah. That explains it. I couldn't make out Kelley's name (it's in
Chinese, and my Chinese has been going down the drain.. =), but his left arm
was clearly shown to be broken.

        Hmm. The fact that Kelley is given an MA to use seems to point to
the fact that he is a pretty good pilot. Not that we didn't see this in 0083.

> The other option is that Gato wasn't in the Ace Corps, in which case he
>could have fought at Solomon using a regular mobile suit (a Rick Dom, as per
>Kotobuki and Entertainment Bible 39), then received a production version of
>the Gelgoog upon reaching A Bao A Qu just before the war's end. Kotobuki's
>story, in which he gets a wacky prototype Gelgoog while in transit, is
>pretty wacky but not an out-and-out continuity-buster.

        I see. Thanks for the info.. Actually, the art for the "wacky
prototype" Gelgoog is the same as that for a Gelgoog A or B, so my guess is
there was a translation error -- it's probably a Gelgoog A, or a YMS
Gelgoog, with a beam rifle. But that would really make it one of the first
production models.

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