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>Intimidated by the PG, I am going back to redo the
>GM first, I'll take it apart, sand it, prime it and
>paint it with "Bleached Bone White" arms legs and
>head, and I'll have "Blood Angel Red" for the feet
>and torso section.

        You must be using Citadel Paints. =)

        I'll actually suggest "Ruby Red" or even "Blood Red", as "Blood
Angels Red" is more orange than red.
>Does anyone have an idea how to make the GM's head
>visor transparent green... The visor that comes with
>the kit is clear, with no coloring.

        Is there any visible parts behind the visor?

        If not, try this: Paint the *inside* of the visor with "Scorpian
Green". I did it for a VS-1S and while it's not exactly transparent anymore,
at least it looks like a visor.

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