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In the posts regarding new Gundam series, someone mentioned they wanted
a series which brings together/acknowledges 0079,08th MS, 0080 and 0083
series. The RFTA story line goes out of its way to incorporate all of
these series as well as MSV and MSX and I think it is certainly worthy
of being animated.

In addition to the 0079 MS,vehicles,airfraft etc Here are some of the
points of note...Story is set between Nov 0079 to Jan 0080

- RGM-79 , RGC-80 of the White Dingo unit are faithful versions of the
GMs from 0079 series, MSV and Z Gundam. But the weapons - machine gun,
rocket launcher, beam rifle and small shield are all from 08th MS.

Why did the Kojima battalion in 08th MS Team get all the best MS ? i.e
RGM-79(G), RX-79(G). White Dingo is trying to save the planet, not just
Jabrow! and they get stuck with the low budget space GMs converted
locally for ground combat : )

- The MS-06K Zaku Cannon from MSV and Z. The MS-06S type Zaku appears
regularly as the unit commander MS (not just a Char only Zaku) with a
huge performance increase over the standard Zaku. A single GM is no
match for these guys.

- Hover track, and the use of sound to detect enemy type, location,
number is straight from 08th MS Team.

- Unit configuration is the same as the small MS Team introduced in
08th MS i.e. three MS+Hover truck per team

- Variants of MS-07B Gouf has 08th MS style 'heat rod', not the 0079

- 'Bast liner' the MS operated mobile mega particle launcher from MSX
makes an appearance.

- RX-77D Mass produced Gun Cannon and RGM79SP GM Sniper Custom II are
straight from 0080 and as with the other MS in that show, the
performance parameters are off the scale!

- Jet Core Booster, and Gunship Heli from 08th MS Team also makes an

- Torrington base and it's secret nuclear warheads from 0083 features in
this game.

- Unknown MS/MA -'Rhinocerous' which is about a quarter of the size of
the Gallop, appears to be a larger variant of the YMS-16M Xammel from

- The origins of the HLV Gato used to escape to space in 0083 is
explained as well as the Zeon remnants in South Africa.

If you have the chance to play the dreamcast game, or follow the serial
comic, or get the graphic novel, it is definitely worth it if you are a
OYW-UC fan. As a bonus it ties together some loose ends and tries to
acknowledge all the 0079-0083 UC series..


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