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Tet writes,

> The one-eyed Zeon ace - Lieutenant Visch Donahue - 'The Swift Lightning
> of the Wasteland' (Koya no JinRai) pilots a MS-14 'G' Gelgoog at the end
> of RFTA, presumeably the 'G' represents ground use.

  It's actually pretty similar to the MG version of the Gelgoog, albeit with
a gatling gun in one forearm and a rocket launcher in the other...

> As far as I know
> this is a never before mentioned variant of the Gelgoog and actually
> provides the explanation for the two little talked about Gelgoogs, which
> at the time seemed out of place on Earth, which appeared in two past
> Gundam series.

  Actually, the Gelgoog was always intended for use on Earth as well as in
space (and inside colonies). The standard forearm units are jet boosters
specifically for atmospheric flight. The idea was to replace the separate
space/ground pairs (like the F/J type Zaku II and Dom/Rick Dom) with a
single, multipurpose mobile suit. It's not clear how many Gelgoogs ever made
it to Earth, or where they were produced, but the Gelgoog cameo is ZZ isn't
actually out of place.

> Who was this mysterious fallen ace that shared colors with Char but wore
> a regular helmet ala Ranba Ral? I will have to watch ZZ again to find
> out if the pilots name was ever mentioned but I don't think it was.

  His name was Doug (or "Dag") if I recall correctly.

> The second Gelgoog is the one which appeared destroyed in 08th MS Team.
> A few weeks/months ago someone questioned the appearance of Gelgoogs on
> Earth. Now it seems there is a reasonable explanation.

  I just figured it was one of the Gelgoogs that escorted the Komusai
shuttle to Earth - perhaps it was stowed inside the capsule, just as Char's
Zaku II survived re-entry by riding down to Earth in a Komusai.

-- Mark

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