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Oh yeah, did you guys go to the Toysrus website?

The only 1/100 kit available is the Sheng Long Gundam...

I guess they wanted a head start on selling that one... Knowing that the
other better designed mecha would put it out of the limelight.

Also - A bunch of responses

Scott DiBerardino wrote:

> This ad appeared in a comic book. One of the strong side businesses in the
> comics world is action figures. There is a strong collectors appeal in
> action figure sales, I think the ad is targetted at these collectors,
> than little kids who play with their figures in the sandbox.

You may be right. But I wonder about whether it was targeted for collectors,
mainly because the prices of the models aren't restrictive for kids ($8.00
for a 1/144) and this is quite consistent with other so-called children's
toys (like Batman figs, Spidey figs and such...)

As opposed to Mcfarlane stuff (I think around $15 - $20) which are really
for the big boys.

Tabby wrote:

>This is even worse for the premium comic book figures, the sculpted "Spawn"
>style toys such as McFarlane and Resaurus figures. Even the Xebec
>Hokoto(sp) No Ken figures start to fall apart almost as soon as thier
>removed from the package.

Fist of the North Star Toys? Where? I'd love to have a Kenshiro at least for
my collection...

>The McFarlane figures are especially infamous for not being able to stand,
primarily due to poor quality control.

I know this fact... But I don't totally agree with the poor quality control.
You'd have to have great quality control to maintain the surface detail of
his toys. Either that or their technology for maintaining it is totally

>The main audience for comic-book action figures are collectors who buy them
to put them on display.

Really? Then what about all of these Spidey and Bat figs? Or do you not
consider them "comic-book" action figs anymore mainly because they have a TV
arm now?

Paul Fields wrote:

>And if I seem overprotective, Anne, my lovely wife has lost her wallet
twice >in the last month, making us recall all our important cards, she has
lost four
>engagement rings, and is on her third wedding ring. I won't tell you guys
how >many dishes she's broke, but I am protective of my models/camera/laptop
>good reason.

I'm a klutz myself. I always either break, make a painting mistake or
produce some other idiotic boo-boo towards my models. I even glued my
fingers together once with superglue.

Point is, you really have to make compensation for these kinds of people. My
mom really makes sure that the house is klutz-proof because I tend to either
fall over, drop or break different kinds of stuff unintentionally. I think
you're doing the best that you can...

Have you seen Le Chevre yet? It's a French film with Gerard Depardieu that
philosophizes on the nature of klutzes and bad luck. Watch it with your wife
and laugh to your hearts content...

They remade it as Pure Luck with Danny Glover and Martin Short in the US I
think. That wasn't as brilliant as the French one...

cya guys around...


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