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The one-eyed Zeon ace - Lieutenant Visch Donahue - 'The Swift Lightning
of the Wasteland' (Koya no JinRai) pilots a MS-14 'G' Gelgoog at the end
of RFTA, presumeably the 'G' represents ground use. As far as I know
this is a never before mentioned variant of the Gelgoog and actually
provides the explanation for the two little talked about Gelgoogs, which
at the time seemed out of place on Earth, which appeared in two past
Gundam series.

The first one appeared in a desert in an episodes of ZZ Gundam piloted
by a local woman who had taken over the duty of her lover, a Zeon ace,
after his death. This Gelgoog had custom colors very similar to Char's
Gelgoog, if not the same. The desert is an unforgiving place and as
expected there have been many MS customised especially for this region;
a regular space Gelgoog wouldn't stand a chance.

Who was this mysterious fallen ace that shared colors with Char but wore
a regular helmet ala Ranba Ral? I will have to watch ZZ again to find
out if the pilots name was ever mentioned but I don't think it was.

The second Gelgoog is the one which appeared destroyed in 08th MS Team.
A few weeks/months ago someone questioned the appearance of Gelgoogs on
Earth. Now it seems there is a reasonable explanation.

I am surprised that a 'G' variant of the Gelgoog was not created earlier
than RFTA to explain for the above two examples.

I guess only time will tell if the 'G' model becomes a widely accepted
variant in the Gelgoog series. Has anyone seen this variant in a recent
reputable publication ? The RFTA guide book -Z- posted should have the
specs, I think.


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