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Lim Jyue writes,

> First, anyone done the MG Alex yet? Review, review! =)

  I don't have time for a Probe-esque dissection, but here goes...

  Overall, it's very faithful to the original design. The main place you'll
see Katoki-esque changes is in the armor, which is now pretty darned cool -
I'd almost say the Alex looks cooler with the armor on. Lower leg structure
is very detailed, removable thruster blocks. The backpack armor comes off in
segments, and isn't as impressive. Proportions are really good - looks
better than the skinny-armed, tiny-headed MG Gundam, and it's less squat
than the original design. Poses fairly well.

  Pluses: Patlabor-esque rubber "cloth" on shoulders, opening cockpit hatch
in chest armor, flip-up shoulder armor panels.

  Minuses: Armor comes off in many fiddly segments, which are a pain to
reassemble. No ankle joint details - plain white ball joint is clearly
exposed between leg and foot. Forearm gatlings don't extend, so replication
of this gimmick still isn't completely faithful. Cool curled-finger hands
pictured on box aren't actually included in kit, which uses typical
open-palm hands.

  In all, I was a teensy bit disappointed, but maybe that's because the
pictures looked so good. It's not as Katoki-fied, or as poseable, as the

  On the other hand, now that I'm building my Rick Dom, I'm pleased to
realize that it's actually a different color from the MG Dom; the earlier
kit used the same shade of purple as the other Black Trinary kits, while the
Rick Dom is in a sort of bluish lavender (like the 0080 Rick Dom II kit).
That makes it seem a _bit_ less redundant... :-)

> Story (2) is more interesting. It starts off with a MA-08 Byg-Zam
> taking off from Solomon, and then cutting to the ruins of a MA-05 Bygro and
> MS-09R Rick Dom (piloted by Gato -- hmm.) It states that Gato came from the
> 302nd Squadron.

  This was stated in the 0083 animation, where Karius is identified as the
sole survivor of Gato's 302nd Company. The Bigro in the comic is piloted by
a wounded Kelley Layzner, so this is reputedly how he lost his arm.

> Upon Gato's return to his mothership, he was presented with a MS-14H
> Gelgoog (which I know doesn't exist) with a prototype beam rifle (which is
> taller than the Gelgoog -- couldn't fit inside the ship!) by Dozzel.

  Unlike Kotobuki's other inventions, this one is a bit beyond the bounds of
plausibility. :-)

> What I'll like to know is... How possible is this? I know this is
> probably a Fan-fic, but is it possible for Gato to have done this? Does the
> time-line fits?

  Let's see. Gato's Gelgoog has generally been identified as a prototype
model - the same YMS-14 (also known as the MS-14S) used by Char. This would
mean that he must have been a member of the Ace Corps test team; perhaps the
MS Collection File will shed more light on this.

  I'm belatedly coming to the conclusion that some Ace Corps members _might_
have been present at Solomon. The cut scenes from Giren's Greed show Johnny
Ridden and a fellow Gelgoog pilot escorting the Big Zam to Solomon; if they
stuck around until the battle, then it's just barely possible for Gato to
have fought at Solomon using a prototype Gelgoog (as some 0083 books would
have us believe).

  The other option is that Gato wasn't in the Ace Corps, in which case he
could have fought at Solomon using a regular mobile suit (a Rick Dom, as per
Kotobuki and Entertainment Bible 39), then received a production version of
the Gelgoog upon reaching A Bao A Qu just before the war's end. Kotobuki's
story, in which he gets a wacky prototype Gelgoog while in transit, is
pretty wacky but not an out-and-out continuity-buster.

-- Mark

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