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> >From: Mark Simmons <>
> > I think you should be happy she's interested enough to play with 'em -
> >that's what all the articulation is for, after all. It's only a model. :-)
> >
> >-- Mark
> Actually it was THE FIRST kit I have built since
> my 0080 GM Space type back in '95, so this was 3
> hours of work for the MG kit, and 4 years of new
> model expectation...
> There is a lot of performance anxiety about the PG
> Gundam, and the wife tipped over the parts bin last
> night, it contained all of the head parts which I
> had just taken back apart after a test fitting. I
> decided I have to test fit, sand, and paint this
> one which is more than I have ever done for a kit.
> Intimidated by the PG, I am going back to redo the
> GM first, I'll take it apart, sand it, prime it and
> paint it with "Bleached Bone White" arms legs and
> head, and I'll have "Blood Angel Red" for the feet
> and torso section. Once I finish redoing the GM. I
> will begin working on the PG Gundam again, why did
> they make you do the head wiring first?
> Does anyone have an idea how to make the GM's head
> visor transparent green... The visor that comes with
> the kit is clear, with no coloring.

Well since you are using Citadel Paints for the body, why not try the Green Citadel Ink for the Visor. It should be transparent enough, and you can always thin it out.


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