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Fri, 17 Dec 1999 22:08:41 -0800

Tabby writes,

> I think you're *vastly* over-estimating the durability of american
> comic-book action figures.

  Roger on that. And Bandai's kits are pretty darned durable - my MG GP02A
took a swan dive off a five-foot shelf and sustained no structural damage
(must be all that armor!).

  In fact, even though I play with my kits all the time, the rate of natural
attrition is inadequate to keep the population in check. When I was a kid
I'd "battle damage" them or smash them out of boredom, but Julie won't let
me break them intentionally or throw out the old ones, so their numbers
multiply unchecked... guess we need a bigger apartment. ;-)

Paul Fields writes,

> When I finished my MG RGM-79 kit I showed it
> to my wife who chose that time to TEST all the
> articulation, (twist, turn, etc) I told her to
> be careful with it, and to give it back, when I
> got it, the right foot promptly fell off into my
> hand.
> I told here when I finish the PG Gundam she is
> not even getting close to it...

  I think you should be happy she's interested enough to play with 'em -
that's what all the articulation is for, after all. It's only a model. :-)

-- Mark

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