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This is my thinking on why they call it an action figure instead of a model.

This ad appeared in a comic book. One of the strong side businesses in the
comics world is action figures. There is a strong collectors appeal in
action figure sales, I think the ad is targetted at these collectors, rather
than little kids who play with their figures in the sandbox.

I think that anyone who buys GW kits expected action figures is going to be
disappointed long before they fall apart from thrashing... they won't get
past the 'some assembly required' :)

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---------- >From: "Federico Makabenta" <> > Other: The ad says and I quote: > > * Easy to build, no glue required > * Each figure has a unique transformation mode or exciting weapon action > * Multi-colored snap together parts > * Builds a fully articulated action figure > > Why are they using the terms "figure" and "action figure"? I think that's a > wrong way to advertise it. Knowing how easily these things fall apart after > a couple of thrashings by kids would make it disappointing and eventually > ruin the rep of Gundam as a whole. Imagine parents seeing it and buying for > their kids - thinking this is something like Voltron... > > "Model" would have been a more appropriate term - but I DO understand that > the word "model" implies a sense of difficulty. > > I really believe that if they wanted it to be an "action figure" why didn't > they think of starting out first with G Gundam - which has a ready line of > toys to be thrashed by kids.

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