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(MSV book)
> does this book do for japanese illiterates
> like *ahem* me? :)

Hmm... you can treat it like other Japanese Gundam
illustration books, i.e., go for the rich graphics and
forget everything else. There are books on Katakana
and Kanji basics which, if you have time to learn,
will help you to get a lot out of the Japanese text.

Back to your concern. If you like the graphic-heavy
"MS Encyclopedia 98" by Mediaworks Japan, then the
"MSV" series will be appealing to you, particularly if
you like vintage MS design variation by Kunio Okawara.
But with linearts in short supply, MSV's a bit less
attactive than Gundam Mechanics. In short, MSV is
mostly nostalgia with a 90's update; if you like
flashy new designs by Katoki, go for other Gundam
illustration books instead.


> --- Nightingale <>
> wrote:
> > For those who are interested in the newly released
> > "MSV" book by Kodansha Japan, here's my review:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Your comments are welcome!
> > Cheers.

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