Nemus (
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 13:20:53 +0100

Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> Hmm, on second thought, he does say OYW, so maybe 0083 is out :(
Wait a sec...there are Gelgoog Marines, Dom Tropens, Zakus FII, Xamels,
a Val Valo, and maybe a couple of GM during the OYW. Then there's Gundam
Blue Destiny.
Kirsty - "Who are you?"
Pinhead - "Explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to
some. Angels to others. You solved the box, we came. Now you must come
with us, taste our pleasures."
Kirsty - "Please, go away. Leave me alone."
Pinhead - "Oh, no tears please, it's a waste of good suffering."

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