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> >Actually, I don't do that much puttying either. Only with problem spots
> >product misalignments (very RARE) and really long gaps that you can't
> >"cheat" on. Sanding and puttying gives it an extra finish - and I'm
> >more confident in painting it afterwards. Personal preference... :)
> >
> >We don't have Testors stuff here (the Philippines) - so we usually stick
> >with Tamiya. Their epoxy is one of the best though - but I've never seen
> >used to make custom poses here yet (we don't have that many highly
> >modelers here).
> >
> >Fed
> Well, I now this isn't what you ment but a lot of the time putty can be
> replaced by krazy glue/Super Glue which dries in minutes.

True enough, when I do have to putty, I use super glue whenver possible
(sand right away, though, it gets rock hard after a day or so). I don't
like to use standard putties, as they are much to soft/powdery, which can
make scribing or rescribing panel lines really hard.

Peter Savin

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