hiei (acidedge@alloymail.com)
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 18:44:30 +0800

If it IS overstocked and the plating is done badly they should be selling this
promo-only kit at a much lesser price. These dealers are obviously trying to
make buckage off the fact that the official metal plated Wing Zero from bandai
cost around that much, so they're trying to sell the thing at the same sticker
price..this kind of marketing strategy stinks, but oh well, there's nothing we
can do about it. I can't shell out that much, and I want it so badly now that
I've completed the chrome Wing (its utterly gorgeous despite the little spots
where you have to touch up the chrome with metal foil, and I don't regret having
to pay the 50% extra for the chrome edition.) Argh. I think i'll go buy Five
Star Stories toys instead.

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